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I don't like to post so much political stuff, but a large part of my life doesn't take place in words, so LiveJournal ends up with the smaller portion "fit to print". Whether or not it's worth reading is another matter.

Ford (motor company) had big financial problems years ago. I think that is the reason they are doing better now. They've already had their wake-up call. GM is just recently getting a fire lit under their proverbial butts. I fear this may be true of the Democratic party in the near future. (Not that I'm a Democrat or Republican.) The Republicans went "bankrupt" in 2008 and are restructuring, so to speak. The Democrats seem to be setting themselves up to take GM's role in the near future.

Why I like what Obama is doing:

I actually have a general understanding of what communism and socialism is, and I realize that a free market economy and capitalism are not in the Constitution. I feel the US should be more than just a place for unrestricted commerce, even if the writings of Thomas Paine and business interests were driving forces in the Revolutionary War. (I know that's debatable. I don't care much about it either way.) I think getting rid of religion in a communist country is throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but other than that part, I don't understand what makes capitalist economies morally better than any others, and I don't see why we can't take the best parts and mix them together. The Christian radical right should be reminded that Thomas Paine also wrote The Age of Reason, and would not exactly be on their side. If all these teabaggers want to fight communism, they should stop going to Wal-Mart and buying Chinese goods, because that is directly funding the largest communist / socialist / Maoist / whatever you call it on earth. If we default on our debts and the Chinese nuke us... I don't expect that to really happen, but it would be our money that funded those nukes.

The concept of capitalism that I come across most is based on some old ideas, before the Industrial Revolution, the Joint Stock Companies Act, or the Limited Liabilities Act. My view, stated simply, is that we already have a playing field upon which few US citizens could ever hope to compete, and the game isn't going to get any better. Our economy is, in my opinion, already more fascist than democratic, and the only way I see to make things better is through some sort of political intervention. One vote may not count for much, but it's better than nothing. The government may mismanage things, but at least we have a say in what effects our lives. If we must worry, worry about fascism, not communism.

I like our president, but I don't think he is our savior. This recent law I've heard about, (sorry I can't remember specifics - I don't even know if it's passed or not) would set up a framework whereby businesses that are "too big to fail" could, in fact, fail. The investors and management would be subject to much greater losses (a good thing!) resulting from their actions, and then the government would run it until it's completely dismantled, then recoup expenses by selling off assets. This all seems good to me, except that I wonder if it won't make it easier for the big fish to swallow each other, having eaten most of the smaller fish. I mention this to demonstrate that I don't wholeheartedly trust our current administration, but given the complex world we are in, I think they are doing the best we can hope for.

I would love feedback, because so far, the other side of the story seems to only come from either Alex Jones's conspiracy nuts or talk radio hosts telling bare-assed lies and trying to resurrect McCarthyism. I'd like to get a better perspective than what i find through my limited resources on the truck.


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